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About Motivational Speaker Sarah Michel
To network for the benefit of others by actively seeking ways to connect people, opportunities and ideas.
  • I teach people to stop networking and start NetWORTHing® to increase their access and influence with their network and grow their value offering.
  • I create unique and cutting-edge networking opportunities for meeting attendees to share knowledge, information and resources to help them do their jobs faster, better and easier.
  • I work with organizations and event planning teams to help them deliver more networking value by creating unique ways to connect attendees before, during and after their meeting.
  • I offer customized networking keynotes, facilitated peer-to-peer interactions, concurrent sessions and workshops.
  • Clients describe me as, "High Energy, Interactive, Real and Very Funny." I offer a different perspective from other networking speakers and leave audiences inspired and motivated to look at their network in a whole new light.
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It Takes A Village »

Go behind the scenes to discover how a 4,000 attendee national meeting was successfully redesigned by me to deliver more networking value for the attendees to help them do their jobs faster, better and easier.  

Stop Networking and Start NetWORTHing™ »

In our new social economy, your networth with your network is the only currency that matters.  In this short video clip, find out how to stop networking and start netWORTHing™ to grow your access and influence with your network to help you do your job faster, better and easier!

Connect In Before You Connect Out »

Discovering your value-add offering to your network requires you to take an honest look at who you are, what you value and what your core beliefs are.  It will be impossible for you to be authentic and communicate your value to others is you’re not living your life honestly. Fourteen years ago, I had my [...]

NetWORTHing™ is the New Way to Network! »

“It’s difficult to connect with people while pursuing your selfish agenda. By nature, connecting is a giving experience.” –John C. Maxwell Have you ever been a victim of a network drive-by? Or been personally violated by people claiming to be networking but are just out for themselves and what you can do for them? If [...]

Why Meetings Will Always Matter »

Social scientists and researchers have known for a long time that tacit knowledge, which is hard to share in writing, is a storehouse of knowledge based on emotions, experiences, insights, intuition, observations and internalized information. Tacit knowledge has been described as “know-how.” Effective transfer of this vital knowledge requires a shared experience, association, trust and [...]

Find a Sponsor, Not a Mentor »

Have you ever had a senior leader or a seasoned colleague take you under their wing, open doors for you and personally advocate for your success?  If so, you’ve experienced a sponsor relationship, which is mentoring on steroids! Women Take Notice Over the years I have met many women who claim to have mentors, who’ve [...]

Breaking the Ice »

Recently a brilliant friend and colleague described to me how she felt attending a professional meeting where she didn’t know anyone sitting around her as being, “awkward and painful,” when she found herself at a loss for how to break the ice with someone she doesn’t know. Here was someone who has so much to [...]

Connecting With Your Body »

Since so many of you liked last month’s blog about the importance of authenticity when connecting, I thought I would go a little deeper on the concept of connecting inward before you connect outward.   There really is truth in the age-old wisdom of treating your body as the sacred temple.  The more you care for [...]

Connect In Before You Connect Out »

One of the things I love the most about traveling around and speaking at conferences and meetings about Perfecting Connecting ® is the conversations I have afterward with audience members.  They often start with, “I really would like to be a better networker and connector but I’m so bad at it!” People have a very [...]

Networking with Moxie »

Are you a victim of Network drive-bys?  Have you been assaulted by a business card bombardier who only wanted to sell you something?  Attended one of those “grab & gab” and “tell & sell” rubber chicken so-called networking events where you left feeling violated?  Well, if you’re like the hundreds of people I talk to [...]